What can we offer you?


Our diverse team is able to provide a variety of services to meet all your healthcare needs.

Everyday Health Needs

General Medicine

From common colds and flu to wellness exams and more, we’ve got your health needs covered.

Patients of All Ages

Family Medicine

We cater to every member of your family, from newborns to geriatric patients.

Immediate Health Needs

Minor Emergencies

Our facilities can help you with minor emergencies, such as cuts, auto accidents, sprains, fractures, and more.

Prevention & Protection

Vaccination Clinic

Our team offers a variety of vaccinations for travelers, students, and workers to stay safe no matter where you roam.

In-House Diagnostics

Lab Services

Our lab is open six days a week to give you faster results.

Recapture Your Youth

Fillers & Botox

Let our skilled estheticians help you feel like your old self again with medical beauty treatments.

Relax & Renew


Licenses massage therapists can melt away pain and stress and leave you feeling like a brand new You.

Treat Digestive Issues & Diseases


Our gastroenterology specialists offer the latest in testing and treatment.

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We Are A

Gardasil Vaccination for HPV Prevention Centre

HPV is one of the most common types of sexually transmitted viruses and a leading cause of cervical cancer. Learn how you can prevent it.

We Represent An

Official designated site for Yellow Fever vaccination

The Yellow Fever vaccine is only available at designated vaccine centers, like ours.

What We Offer

STI & BBV Screening

We offer counseling services to help heal the emotionally and mentally damaging effects of sexually transmitted diseases.

We Provide

Contraceptive counseling

Let us help you explore your options to see which contraceptives are right for you.

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